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Where does the word Cutlery come from? - Smashing Supplies

Where does the word Cutlery come from?

The origin of the word “cutlery” s derived from the Old French word “coutelier” (knife), and cutlery originally was used to describe just cutting implements. The origins of word were first documented by use of the term “cutler”, in 1297, in Sheffield (Sheffield Steel even then!).

However eating implments have a much longer history, with some of the earliest known table forks making their appearance in Ancient Egypt. The fork's popularity in the Western world spread via the Silk Road into Venice, however it was several thousand years after the Qijia culture (2400-1900 BC) that resided in part of present day China having been one of the earliest known civilisations to have used forks.  Another term used to describe 'cutlery' is silverware, which refers to all eating implments (esp. silver coloured ones), however now the term 'silverware' is no longer actually just when it is made of silver.

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