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Innovation Onboard For Trains, Boats and Planes

Innovation Onboard For Trains, Boats and Planes

 The great Burt Bacharach, who died recently, wrote many memorable songs with co-writer Hal David. One of them – Trains and Boats and Planes – was written in 1965, probably when he was travelling extensively to promote and record his music.  

How little some things change. Today we are travelling further and wider than we ever have before. Back in the 1960s there probably wasn’t too much consideration given to the amount of food and packaging waste that the travelling public generates but things are quite different now. 

Any leading airline, train operator, boat or cruise company isn’t just responsible for looking after its passengers. As major emitters of GHG (Green House Gas) emissions, they are under huge socio-political pressure to reduce their impact upon the planet too. To help achieve their targets they pursue more energy-efficient options when investing in new aircraft, rolling stock or shipping, as well as supporting programmes to develop low-carbon fuel.  

For example, Transport Scotland has announced plans to decarbonise all Scotland’s passenger services by 2035. Leading cruise companies, including Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Hurtigruten are heralding in a new age of greener cruising with various commitments to LNG (liquefied natural gas), hybrid power and biofuels. In the air, the likes of British Airways, KLM and United have all made their own commitments to carbon reduction, improved fuel efficiency and more responsible waste management. 

Onboard, the green revolution continues. Specialist suppliers of catering and hospitality products to the travel sector, such as Envibe, are sourcing ‘greener’ products for Inflight and Onboard use. From compostable coffee cups and biodegradable bin liners, through to personal hygiene kits which use more recycled content, there are few onboard catering products that cannot be fashioned in a more sustainable way.  

The concept of rotability, well-used by airlines when describing serviceable or repairable components, is now doing the rounds for cabin service too. Envibe recently worked with a leading airline to develop rotable trays, permanently embossed with re-use instructions to ensure that crew did not dispose of them and would keep them on the aircraft to be used again. 

Train operators are also pressing full steam ahead with onboard innovation. A European operator saved a small fortune by doing away with its onboard menus. Instead -and with Envibe’s help – they used QR codes printed on FSC-accredited recyclable paper coasters to display different menus for each passenger class. 

Using a little creativity, and Envibe’s sourcing expertise, these companies are quietly demonstrating  their commitment to saving the planet, and enhancing their green credentials.  

If you are a buyer for an airline, train company, or cruise line, why not ask what we can do for you. Call us on 01923 891 616 or email to discover the way forward for sustainable inflight and onboard products.  

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