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Catering Cling Film 12" 30cm x 300m In Cutter Box

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Catering Cling Film 12" 30cm x 300m In Cutter Box

Practical, versatile and offering great value for money, this 300(W)mm x 300(L)m roll of cling film is an essential for any kitchen. The huge 300m length means each roll will last you longer - stretching your budget that little bit further while also ensuring you're never running low on film when you need it most!

The cardboard dispenser's serrated edge ensures hassle and tangle-free dispensing too. Not only will this minimise costly wastage, but it'll also make sure you've always got easy access to the film during those hectic services.

The 300mm width makes this roll perfect for wrapping individual portions or smaller containers - preserving ingredients for longer to help cut down on the amount of food you waste.

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