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Butane Can for 090343/B770T 4oz/125g

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Butane Can for 090343/B770T 4oz/125g

A comprehensive range of kitchenware and utensils, covering all of the requirements of the chef and professional caterer. Ranges have been developed with chefs, and are fit for purpose in a professional kitchen environment. Materials are selected to provide the optimum balance of resistance to wear, rigidity and value. Kitchenware & Utensils covers a broad range of essential catering products, including cutting boards, mixing bowls, tongs, ladles, colanders and scales.


  • Suitable for filling refillable blow torches - product codes 090343 and BS3328
  • 4oz/125g volume
  • Butane Gas
  • Pressurized Gas Canister
  • Auto Safety Shut Off


  • Capacity: 4oz/125g
  • Weight (kg/ea): 0.23
  • Material: Pressurized Gas Container
  • Pack Size: 12