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CONTACT US - 01923 891 616 or EMAIL -
Paper Over Board Packaging & Chocolate Boxes

Create a positive first impression for chocolates, sweets and other fancy foods with Envibe’s extensive range of paper over board packaging. 

The perfect way to showcase fine foods, our made-to-measure presentation boxes are constructed to your exact specification, in a limitless range of shapes, sizes, finishes and styles.

Paper over board packaging for edible products

Paper over board is the chosen packaging solution for many businesses that seek a high-end look for their edibles. Sturdy, smart and secure, boxes made from paper over board feature a rigid card base, covered with a premium paper wrap. The paper is printed with your chosen graphic design, guaranteeing a beautiful appearance for your brand whether you sell it in-store, from a catalogue, or on your own web page.

Design is just the first step in customising the box your way. You can change the appearance or feel of your box by choosing foiled, textured, embossed or laminated papers. Each option potentially takes your product more upmarket. We can line the inside of the box with paper or cloth, and add a plastic tray to hold and secure the contents.

Go a stage further, and consider having magnetic closures, clear display windows, or other features that are less easily constructed with other materials. If you want a different effect, we can even swap the paper wrap for another material, like fabric, metallic or leather.

Presentation boxes for food and drink

Paper over board is one of the most popular options, not just for boxes of chocolates but for many other food and drink lines too. Its versatility makes it a practical choice both for specialist hand-made producers as well as bulk packaging requirements. Artisan biscuit boxes, condiment and confectionery selection packs, drinks miniatures, wine bottle presenters or luxury hampers are just a few of the things we get asked for.

Short runs and bulk production

Most of our paper over board boxes are manufactured in the UK, reducing lead times and enabling us to closely monitor production on your behalf. This option is ideal for short runs, making it popular amongst specialist food producers and start-ups, as well as for trial launches and spot promotions by larger organisations.

For larger volume requirements, we can also give you the option to have the packaging produced overseas. Through economy of scale, we can help you take most of this cost out of your product, whilst maintaining the appearance which has got your brand and business to where it is now.

Please feel free to email, WhatsApp or call Envibe on 01923 891616.