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Catering Disposables Supplies

Envibe UK is a family-run company that has been setting the standard in catering suppliers. With integrity as a core value, we have built a reputation as a leading provider to the hospitality and catering disposables supplies industry.

We offer a wide range of catering disposable supplies for hotels, restaurants, bars, festivals, events companies, exhibitions, airlines, rail operators and cruise ships.

Catering disposables are a staple for mobile caterers, restaurant chains, coffee shops, pubs and takeaway establishments. They are ideal for everyday use as they reduce food waste and are also practical for outdoor events such as weddings, buffets, company give back days, birthdays and food markets. With party planners and catering firms looking to more sustainable materials, our high quality selection of catering disposables will ensure your business attracts a wider audience. 

We offer a range of plastic and aluminium foil containers for serving and packing salads and hot prepared foods as well as for serving and packaging sandwiches, burgers, chips, wraps and soups. We also offer disposable polystyrene, paper and hard plastic cups for everything from hot beverages to champagne flutes!

Our external packaging options include paper, carrier and heat seal bags and we stock the usual disposable catering accessory items like straws, skewers, forks, knives and spoons etc.


Restaurant disposables

There seems to be no end to the types of food that British consumers are willing to try, and with that comes ever-more different options on restaurant disposables to help them enjoy it.  Envibe continues to expand its range of takeaway catering supplies to help keep up with demand.

More food, more choice

There are tens of thousands of takeaway and fast-food businesses in the UK. These range from established pizza, Indian and Chinese providers to emerging, expanding cuisines like Korean and vegan. During lockdown many other restaurants were obliged to put take-outs on the menu in order to survive.

For all of these types of food, attractive presentation and secure protection is an essential part of the offer. Who wants to have mayonnaise leaking out from their burger box, or to get scalded because the lid on a takeaway teacup doesn’t fit properly? 

More consumables, more disposables

As different trends see the emergence of different tastes, so the expansion of restaurant disposables available has soared . Established favourites like napkins, pizza boxes, coffee cups and straws, have been joined by newer options, either bespoke for particular foods, or made from more eco-friendly packaging to satisfy planet-conscious consumers. Some restaurants sought to broaden their audience in lockdown by introducing meal kits in specially-adapted packaging, posted to eager consumers willing to follow instructions, often with a link to an online or live demonstration by the chef.


It can all add up to a time-consuming exercise for any food service outlet that needs to source restaurant disposables.  That time could be spent more wisely by looking for a supplier that can do all the sourcing for you. Envibe stocks a huge choice of restaurant disposables and consumables, plus many other lines that takeaway outlets need, such as till rolls for instance.

Even with the divergence of tastes, sometimes requiring a bespoke sourcing approach, there are several core ‘restaurant disposables’ which Envibe gets asked for most frequently.

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