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Will A Winter World Cup Score A Winner For Hospitality?

Will A Winter World Cup Score A Winner For Hospitality?

As the 2022 World Cup kicks off, hospitality venues may be wondering what impact the football will have on their trading.

In the past, summer tournaments have often been a bonanza for pubs and sports bars, with fans flocking in for drinks and food in front of a big screen showing the game. England’s run to the semi-finals in 2018 created a feel-good atmosphere across the country, boosting takings for much of the hospitality industry.

So what of 2022 then?

Both England and Wales have qualified for the month-long tournament in Qatar so there’s plenty of home interest this time too. But the prospect of coming out on a cold November night may not be quite as tempting as it is in the summer.

If fans are to be enticed away from their homes, what can the trade do to persuade them to come out and support them too?

Inside, right?

 Well there’s always the technology of course. There’s something about watching football on the latest state-of-the-art TV, with high-quality surround sound, amongst a group of passionate fans that you just can’t match in your living room.

And with flags, banners, bunting and signage, pubs can create awareness that there’s a potential football fiesta going on inside. Many will be taking on extra staff, and maxing out on glassware, crockery, cutlery and disposables to make sure orders are fulfilled quickly during the game.

Venues can also tempt football supporters in with promotions on flagship drinks and a ready supply of bar snacks.  Perhaps a ready supply of seasonal favourites like hot chocolate and mulled wine wouldn’t go amiss either. Throw in comfortable seats and warm heating and it need not be an expensive evening for fans cheering on their team.

It’s coming home

QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) outlets should also be gearing themselves up for more takeaways during the tournament. Footie fans may not be keen to leave their living rooms but they won’t want to miss the game because they’re cooking either. Prepare for the pre-match rush and half-time orders by stocking up on pizza and burger boxes, napkins, coffee cups and plastic cutlery.

Don’t just wing it

Leading catering supplies companies like Envibe can help with both front-of-house and take-out requirements. Call us on 01923 891616 and make sure your venue is match-fit for World Cup orders at home and away.

The World Cup starts on November 20th and ends on December 18th.

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