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Why not to flush paper towels down the loo... - Smashing Supplies

Why not to flush paper towels down the loo...

You may not know but in the manufacting of paper tissues and towels there is something called a 'wet factor'  - in short this is the amount of water or moisture that the sheet can take before breaking down. 

As you will appreciate a paper towel is designed to absorb moisture from your hands, without going too soggy and coming apart - (ever tried drying your hands on toilet roll?) - PS i wouldnt bother it will fall apart in your hands! Likewise if you try and flush paper towel down the toilet it is likely to block your toilet as it doesnt go soggy and break apart in the same way as toilet paper when in contact with water.  If you are running short on toilet paper dont try and get away with using paper towels in the meantime - you will only regret it - instead contact us today for a speedy delivery either or paper towels or luxious 2 ply toilet roll in economic 36 roll packs designed to keep costs low whilst being a pleasure to use.

Did you ever realise that there was a whole realm of paper science that goes into ensuring your loo doesnt block?

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