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Bar Tips and Tricks - Set Yourself Up For Success

Bar Tips and Tricks - Set Yourself Up For Success

Being an ace bartender is about so much more than just keeping customer glasses full. Managing stock, motivating staff, and knowing your clientele are all must-have attributes for any forward-thinking hospitality venue. 

Whether you’re a seasoned bar pro, or just starting out, these four simple tips will increase productivity and set you up for success. 

1. Organise your workspace 

Take a few moments to check that everything’s where it should be, that card machines are working, pumps are full, and glassware is clean. Be aware of the comfort and safety of guests by having mats on bar surfaces, and a mop on hand for floor spillages.  

2. Plan and prepare  

Don’t waste time during busy sessions on tasks you can prepare beforehand. Pre-mix drink ingredients and line up your garnishes and bar snacks. Use quieter moments to train new staff so they acquire the same skills and confidence you have. 

3. Master the basics 

You’ll want to keep customers happy by serving them quickly - but there’s no need to give it all away. Use jiggers and pourers to measure correctly, and consider lower capacity, heavy-bottomed glassware so your liquid inventory lasts longer.  

4. Stay cool, have fun  

Smile, acknowledge your guests, and look after your regulars. Attract new customers, and maximise footfall in quiet times with theme nights and happy hours, promoted through your social media. Look out for opportunities to upsell food platters or introduce customers to new, trending beers, wines or spirits.  

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