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CONTACT US - 01923 891 616 or EMAIL -
A New Sharpened Look, The Same Strong Service!

A New Sharpened Look, The Same Strong Service!

You may have noticed but we left the old us behind last year! There’s a great new logo, some fresh colours and creative writing. There is a lot more than meets the eye in our future!

A brand defines the people who are all part of it, the customers we serve and the staff who work behind the scenes. You don’t change it just because you want to – you need to look at the chemistry and experiment with it. We wanted to see what ticks, blow up the stuff that doesn’t work and grow with what our customers value most.

Let’s go back in time and see what got us here.

The beginning: A word from the directors.

Whenever someone asks how it started, we always say we were looking for a new challenge – the biggest we could find. But we never expect it to happen in one of the most turbulent times in the hospitality sector. No one could predict the impact that covid could have had on businesses around the world and neither could we. We took the opportunity either way and ran with it – it was exciting and exactly what we were looking for!

We didn’t know much about the sector or how it ticked so we had to learn on the job. Over lockdown we got a chance to learn about the vast number of products, clients, and suppliers who we now have strong relationships with. We built a website worked from home and got down to business.

One year in: 2021

We got lucky. This sounds like a contradiction as not a lot of people talk about luck in business but after the lockdowns and a chaotic year in the industry, we had to play smart. We grew our in-house team and got new office space. A lot of ideas floated about, some failed whilst others flourished. Our numbers started to go up and so did our portfolio.

Our team has a clear vision for what they want to achieve within the hospitality sector and are currently in a unique position to keep growing. Through developing lifelong relationships with our clientele and suppliers, we’ve gained a deeper understanding for their needs and a fresh approach that the industry needs.

What our rebranding means to you

As a company we like to collaborate with our customers. Our aim is to make your work with us as smooth and headache free as possible. We will continue to pride ourselves with our account management service building the trust you have with us on each project as well as sourcing new products and saving you time at your desk.

We will continue to connect with suppliers whose values match our clientele and nurture the relationships we have.  Being based in London means that we are at the heart of the UK and can promptly attend to your site and help solve any queries you have.

We believe that our new branding clearly represents who we are and brings everything we do and stand for under one roof – you don’t have to go far to find exactly what you need!

If you have any queries or would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us in a way that works best for you – WhatsApp, Call or Email 😊
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